IIRC Corporate Social Responsibility

At IIRC, we believe in conducting business with a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment, society, and the people we work with. We are committed to making a positive impact through our operations, initiatives, and investments. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts are focused on environmental sustainability, community engagement, nurturing the next generation of enthusiasts in the field of glue and resins, and promoting art and culture.

Environmental Sustainability:

We recognize the importance of environmental preservation and actively strive to minimize our ecological footprint. We are dedicated to investing in carbon-negative technologies and initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By prioritizing sustainable practices in our production processes and supply chain, we aim to minimize waste generation and promote resource efficiency.

Community Engagement:

IIRC is deeply committed to making a difference in the communities where we operate. We actively engage with local stakeholders to understand their needs and concerns. Through collaborative partnerships, we support projects that promote environmental conservation, social welfare, education, and the arts. We contribute to initiatives focused on improving the quality of life, fostering sustainable development, and addressing the unique challenges faced by the communities around us.

Education and Internship Programs:

As a company passionate about the glue and resins industry, we understand the importance of knowledge-sharing and nurturing future talent. We are proud to offer educational opportunities and internship programs for individuals who share our enthusiasm for this field. At our head office and factory, we welcome interns and provide them with valuable hands-on experience, mentorship, and exposure to various aspects of our operations. We believe in empowering young professionals and helping them develop skills and insights that will contribute to their future careers.

Support for Art and Culture:

IIRC is a strong supporter of art and culture. We recognize the power of creativity in enriching lives and driving social progress. We actively support and invest in art and cultural projects, initiatives, and organizations. Through our partnerships, we aim to promote artistic expression, preserve cultural heritage, and foster an environment where artists can thrive. We also extend our support to art and cultural magazines that play a crucial role in showcasing talent, fostering dialogue, and promoting diverse perspectives.

Our Commitment:

At IIRC, we are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct, transparency, and accountability. We continuously evaluate and improve our processes and practices to align with industry best practices and evolving sustainability standards. We believe in fostering a culture of diversity and inclusion, respecting the rights and dignity of all individuals, and providing a safe and supportive working environment for our employees.

Through our CSR initiatives, we strive to create a positive and lasting impact on the environment, society, the glue and resins industry, as well as the art and cultural landscape. We remain committed to ongoing improvement, collaboration, and responsible business practices.

For any inquiries or to learn more about our CSR efforts, please contact us at [insert contact information].

Last Updated:06/24/2023