About us

Iran Industrial Resins Company was established, as the first producer of water-based adhesives (vinyl acetate copolymer and homopolymer) and resins and different types of hot-melt adhesives, in Kaveh Industrial Zone in 1975 drawing on the technical knowledge of the American National Starch Company. Iran Industrial Resins Company is capable of producing various types of water-based resins (emulsion) and every type of hot-melt adhesives thanks to its constant R&D and employment of its state-of-the-art technological findings. Technological and Research Teams of Iran Industrial Resins Co. are always at the service of the esteemed customers and have the means to offer special tailor-made adhesives based on the technology in which they are to be used upon customers' special orders. Iran Industrial Resins Company, is implementing IMS complying with ISO9001: 2008, ISO4001: 2004, OHSAS 18001: 2007, offers its services to all customers.
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